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The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a 14-week course that will introduce you to an inductive approach of Biblical Study. The course equips you with tools for understanding and integrating the Word into your life by employing creative methods for observing, interpreting, applying and proclaiming the Scriptures.


Get understanding

An inductive study involves trying to lay down any preconceived ideas, bridging culture and time gaps in order to discover the author's intent. During the course you will read through the entire Bible and study in depth at least 14 books, being introduced to multiple forms of literature in the Old and New Testaments.

General Outline (subject to change):

Week 1 - Intro, orientation, team building
Week 2 - Acts
Week 3 - Philemon (intro to epistles)
Week 4 - John (intro to gospels)
Week 5 - Romans
Week 6 - Hebrews (plus OT overveiw)
Week 7 -
Genesis/Esther (intro to Historical narratives)
Week 8 - Deuteronomy (“covenant”)
Week 9 - How to Preach/How to Teach
Week 10 - How to lead a small group Bible study/1 Peter
Week 11 - practical application in the community
Week 12 - Jeremiah (intro to prophetic literature)
Week 13 - Revelation
Week 14 - Self-study: Kings




Gather your tools

The goal of the Bible Core Course (BCC) is to see God give people a passion for His Word, the tools to study it accurately and the ability to communicate it to others. Above all, we desire that through the study of His Word, students will gain a deeper intimacy with the God revealed within the pages of Scripture. The Bible is living and active, relevant to today's culture and able to transform lives. Throughout the school, you as a student will have the opportunity to

  • Lead a small group Bible study
  • Practice your teaching and preaching skills
  • Explore the historical consistency of Scripture
  • Learn in an collaborative, interactive setting

As a result, you can expect to

  • Revolutionize your study of the Bible
  • Gain a great foundation for life-long ministry
  • Grow in your understanding of God's character and His ways
  • Experience God's presence in your personal time with Him


After the lecture phase, students will have the opportunity to share what they've learned in an outreach setting. Specific details to be determined


  • January 18th, 2015 - April 24th 2015


  • Lecture Phase: $3,290.00 (Covers tuition, housing, books and meals)



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