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Short Term Outreaches

God is up to something on the earth! He is moving in unprecedented ways! There are hungry people out there that want a little taste of what Jesus is really like! The Harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few! We need more laborers! God wants to save, train, heal, and bring compassion to His kids on the earth! You are His hands and feet to bring Jesus to the World! Come and join us and get envisioned for local, national, and world missions! Whether you and your group have ever done a missions trip or you are a experienced in missions this trip is for you!

YWAM Nashville offers short-term outreaches designed primarily for youth groups and college ministries, although we have had many older young at heart individual teams and families join us in recent years! A short-term outreach combines the local church and the mission field for a short period of time with the hope of building long-term relationships between the two. This produces mutual strength and encouragement and is fruitful for both the host ministry and the outreach participants. Our goal for anyone who participates in a Short term Outreach is for their personal relationship with God to be strengthened and their worldview to be expanded as they participate in God's redemptive plan for the world! We also want to transform the world for Jesus' glory one outreach at a time!

Maintenance-Free Missions

We at YWAM Nashville are committed to you and your team. Our passion is to take care of every detail so you can dive into the missions experience. Our job is to take care of the food, housing, transportation (overseas only), training, host staff, translators, sound systems, outreach supplies, teaching... etc. Since you don't have to worry about all the logistics, you're free to minister to and with your team. We'll do the work, so you can do the ministry. We also love encouraging and building up your team with encouraging words about who God says you are and potentially will become! We love to impart life into your group through worship, prayer, teachings, and personal and team ministry times!

You'll Have the Tools

Every team that goes on an outreach will receive training that’s relevant for the location. We use creative methods to train the hands and the hearts of each participant.

A New Perspective

So often, we notice a change in the participants' lives, even after a single week trip. We notice:

  • A stronger relationship with God
  • Fresh gratitude
  • Concern for the lost, the undiscipled saved, and the hurting people of this world.
  • Excitement about their destiny

We challenge participants to consider a lifetime commitment to world missions, whether at home or abroad.


We break our outreaches up into two sections no matter how many days you come: Training and Outreach.



Our training includes cutting edge teachings, radical worship, prayer times, and at times team building excercises. Our training prepares you for the outreach section and all of the teachings come out of our YWAM values that you can become more familiar with here:

Here are a couple of examples of teaching topics that we share on typically:

-The Great Commission: Evangelism, Discipleship, and Mercy Ministries Mt 28:18-20, Mk 16:15, Mt 25:31-46

-Hearing God's Voice as a believer- John 10:27

-Prayer and Intercession Romans 8:26-27

and more...




The outreaches can be geared towards what you want your group to do and what your specific giftings are as a group. We can work with you and try to do the things that your group wants to do, however, sometimes it doesn't work out completely like we would like it to due to the schedules of the other ministries that we work with and also as we feel the spefic ministry need of the location where we are ministering. Some of the ministries that we have done in the past are:

-Refugee Ministry

-Nursing Home Visits

-Homeless Ministry

-One and One and Open Air Street Evangelism

-Prayer walks

-Children's inner-city ministry

-minor construction and/or work projects

We can try to do all of those things to give the group a rounded experience or if something interests you more than others we can try to set up multiple days with the same ministry but as was mentioned before, sometimes it doesn't work out depending on the partnering ministries schedule.


Outreach Locations:

Stateside: Nashville, Memphis

*We also customize outreaches (location, duration, ministry, etc.)!  Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or call us for more information.




Outreach Costs: The cost is $52 a night per person. This covers food, housing, administration of the outreach, training and host staff. Come with us for any duration of time. Please check with us for available dates. Many groups like to spend 7-9 nights with us. The cost is $364 for seven nights, $468 for nine nights. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Kids under 13, $35 a piece and 0 to 2 free. Costs include a $25 non-refundable deposit. This fee is due one month before the outreach. The balance is due four weeks before the outreach begins.




Contact Information

please call us at 1.800.454.7753 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What's your niche?

Our hope is for our participants to serve God and others in the way that He has designed them to. Whether it’s evangelism, performing arts, sports, or mercy projects, we want your youth to discover how their unique talents and gifts can be used on the mission field.