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Here at YWAM Nashville we are always excited when someone new joins our staff family. Whether you work in the Maintenance Department or with schools, in the kitchen or help correspond with our long term workers overseas, everyone plays an important role at our base.
We have several full time and part time jobs that we need filled.

Full time roles:
-School Staff
-Personnel director
-Maintenance/Grounds Personnel

Part time roles:
-Pay roll person (Tuesdays)
-Kitchen coordinator (would need to take stock, place orders and shop)
-STO coordinator( as teams come up you would organize and plan-would not necessarily need to lead them)
-Transportation coordinator
-Hospitality and housekeeping
-Kitchen cook

Full Time Staff Requirements
Completion of DTS and Staff and Leadership Training.

Let us know if you are interested in joining us by emailing our personnel staff at

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